Become a Member

Membership in The Counselors of Real Estate is extended on an invitation-only basis after a thorough review of a “Request for Qualifications,” a personal interview by a Counselor, and an evaluation of all information collected by a confidential Invitation Committee. If you feel you qualify to be a Counselor and have at least 10 years of industry experience, you may also self apply.

While many applicants are sponsored by existing members, we welcome all individuals that have the requisite combination of talent and experience in the real estate industry to apply for membership.

To be invited, prospective members must be recognized by their peers, employers, and/or clients, for their outstanding professional achievement, judgment, leadership, integrity, and commitment to providing objective, knowledgeable, and trusted advice on important real estate decisions.

Counselors come from a wide array of professional backgrounds—from valuation, consulting, law, brokerage, and asset management to development, investment, lending, and corporate real estate. They are service providers, owners, capital sources, fiduciaries, academics and public servants. New members may bring experience similar to existing Counselors, or they may also bring new skill sets and expertise into the organization as the industry evolves.

Counselors are renowned for applying rigorous, independent, and informed analysis to complex real estate decisions facing a full range of market participants.

Individuals are considered for membership at the Spring and Fall meetings of the Counselors. Prospective members who wish to be considered are encouraged to provide a completed Request for Qualifications (the membership application form) approximately three months prior to the meeting date (specific Spring and Fall meeting dates are available under Programs & Events). The next submission deadline is Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Early submission is encouraged and always appreciated.

Please feel free to contact Counselors you may know, or that are in your region or area of expertise, to find out more about the organization. You may also call The Counselors’ Director of Member Services, Lyndsey Adams, at 312-329-8533, who can assist you with the application process and/or assign a Counselor to answer questions as well as provide additional guidance.

“Why Be a CRE?”
Click here to download our 20-page, four-color brochure (PDF file; 4mb).