Recommend a Prospective CRE®

We know from experience that you, our membership, are most responsible for retaining the skill, expertise and diversity for which The Counselor organization is known. It is you who are helping to increase awareness of the CRE® Designation, and you who are positioned to identify other real estate practitioners who demonstrate the highest levels of Prominence, Expertise, Influence, and Ethics.

Help to ensure that The Counselors of Real Estate® retains its reputation as a powerhouse of real estate practitioners reflective of today’s diverse and complex marketplace.

Who provides advice or guidance that significantly impact real estate decisions, and offers to clients a broad range of real estate experience and technical competency? In other words, who is not currently a member of The Counselors but should be? Also, who defies classification and provides counseling services in an unconventional manner that we should be thinking about?

CRE staff will provide a membership information packet to this candidate with an invitation to submit an application (RFQ). If you have already contacted this candidate with such an invitation, please notify CRE ( so efforts may be coordinated.