Application & Invitation Process

Invitations to membership are typically extended three times a year, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The CRE® invitation process is comprehensive and thorough. It includes the following:

Complete a "Request for Qualifications (RFQ)" that includes extensive details regarding your experience in real estate and in a real estate-related counseling.

Submit the Request for Qualifications by the deadline:
September 10, 2024

Recommendations from parties who know your work are solicited.

If your application is accepted, staff will schedule you, the applicant, for a personal interview conducted by a current CRE®.

The CRE Invitation Committee meets. Dossiers of applicants are reviewed by the CRE Invitation Committee and, shortly after, invitations to membership are extended.


Dues & Initiation Fees

Annual Dues are $2,000 in the U.S., but may vary internationally. Contact Lyndsey Adams, Director of Member Services, for more information. 

Our Initiation Fee (one time only) is $2,500 and applies to new members in the United States and U.S. territories; there is no Initiation Fee for new members residing outside the United States.

All dues and fees are payable upon receipt and acceptance of an invitation to join The Counselors of Real Estate.