Application & Application Process

Since its inception in 1953, the mandate of The Counselors of Real Estate has been to identify leaders in real estate-related counseling and to provide a professional organization for mutual support. The membership invitation process has maintained this organizational vision for nearly 70 years.

The CRE® invitation process is comprehensive and thorough. It begins with you applying for membership. Membership in the organization is awarded by invitation only. Applicants for membership can be recommended by current CREs or others, or may self-initiate the application process. To be considered for membership, applicants must demonstrate that they meet the requirements shown under MEMBERSHIP: ELIGIBILITY and QUALIFICATIONS.

If you are interested in applying for membership, please contact the national office and the staff will guide you through the application process.

You will be asked to complete a “Request for Qualifications (RFQ)” that includes extensive details regarding your experience in real estate and in real estate-related counseling. Once the Request for Qualifications is submitted, the national office solicits recommendations from parties who know your work. The staff also schedules you, the applicant, for a personal interview conducted by a current CRE®. Invitations to membership are typically extended twice annually, following the Spring and Fall meetings of The Counselors.

To apply: