About The Counselors of Real Estate

The Counselors of Real Estate, established in 1953, is an international consortium of credentialed real estate problem solvers who provide expert advice on complex real property and land-related matters.  Membership is extended by invitation—though qualified individuals may self-apply—and includes principals of prominent real estate, financial, legal, and accounting firms as well as developers, economists, futurists, and ranking leaders of Wall Street and academia.

Diverse in Professional Disciplines, Geography, and Demographics

Only 1,000 professionals in 22 countries and U.S. territories hold the CRE® (Counselor of Real Estate) credentialAmong thousands of assignments large and small, Counselors have resolved the dispute between the developer of The World Trade Center and its insurers post-September 11, led the privatization of U.S. Army Housing, developed a multi-billion-dollar, 10-year Master Plan for the Philadelphia Public Schools, and were retained by the Polish Government to revitalize that country’s national railway system.  Counselors have valued both the Grand Canyon and Yale University and created and endowed the MIT Center for Real Estate.

The organization does not represent one specific asset class or specialty, but instead reflects more than 60 disciplines across all asset types and classes.  The common linkage is provision of reliable and objective advice on issues involving real property, serving clients across a broad and diverse spectrum:  large institutional investors and asset managers; corporations, municipalities, and all levels of government; universities; pension funds and REITS; private owners and investors; transportation entities; and social service agencies.

Advancing Thought Leadership

With thought leadership being a core competency of highest priority, The Counselors has partnered with both Harvard and Stanford universities to present, on their respective campuses, the first international real estate symposia in their histories.  The Counselors has developed a series of monthly webinars—"WHAT'S NEXT FOR REAL ESTATE AND THE LIFE EXPERIENCE".  These one-hour sessions feature leading economists, visionaries, and market makers in candid and, at times, provocative discussion of various sectors of commercial real estate and the geopolitical landscape which affects them.

We publish the acclaimed peer-reviewed journal Real Estate Issues.  And perhaps The Counselors' most widely recognized example of thought leadership is our annual Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®, launched each year as the keynote address of the National Association of Real Estate Editors’ annual conference.

Giving Back as a Prerequisite for Going Forward

The CRE® Foundation is committed to funding game-changing projects that have a consequential connection to real estate—projects that will make a meaningful difference in your community and communities around the world.  Recent assignments of our public service initiative, the CRE® Consulting Corp, include a partnership with the U.S. Navy to advise on how best to leverage the real property assets of its Naval Air Station Oceana base in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The Consulting Corps also worked with the Town of Paradise, California, and the Paradise Association of Realtors® to offer analysis and counsel for the rebuilding process in the aftermath of the destructive 2018 “Camp Fire.”

Connect With Us!

We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the unique organization that is The Counselors of Real Estate.  All who feel qualified are encouraged to apply, with the first step in the invitation process being completion of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). We’re here to answer questions, discuss membership opportunities, explore how Counselors can help your community, or assist you in finding a CRE® expert to address a property issue or opportunity.

Email us at info@cre.org or call us at (312) 329-8427.