Our Members Give Back With the Consulting Corps

Members of the Counselors have the opportunity to volunteer for CRE Consulting Corps assignments to marshal their expertise for public benefit on behalf of a client that truly needs the advice and counsel. In addition to the personal satisfaction derived from helping others, Consulting Corps team members report tremendous pleasure from the experience. Participants find that volunteering presents challenging problems on which to hone counseling skills and a rare opportunity to collaborate with fellow CRE’s, thereby expanding their network of professional contacts.

In Their Own Words

“When you volunteer for the Consulting Corps, you help make good things happen. Sometimes these things can happen right away, and sometimes well into the future.  Either way, your efforts DO make a difference for the Consulting Corps client.”
John Leary, CRE, chair of the St. Michaels Consulting Corps panel

“It was a great experience professionally, personally and spiritually. In order, I believe we submitted some critical, professional recommendations; personally it was a great joy to meet and work with CRE colleagues and I hope we can stay in touch; and spiritually I believe we “did good” to impact the lives of people served by the Diocese.”
Thomas Shircliff, CRE, Intelligent Buildings, Charlotte, Brownsville Consulting Corps team member

“Thank you for making a spot for me on the team; I learned a lot from my fellow CREs!  This assignment provided the opportunity to be of service to others―a chance to make a real difference to an organization that makes a real difference every day by serving others.”

Robert Axelson, CRE, AXE Interests LLC, Houston, Brownsville Consulting Corps team member

“I can’t thank my fellow Counselors enough for allowing me to work closely with them on this project. I can’t stress enough that projects like this should be experienced by all Counselors.”

Ted Whitmer, CRE, MAI, St. Andrew’s Consulting Corps Team Member