The Insider’s Edge to Real Estate Investing

Up your game in today’s lucrative real estate market with 10 proven steps from investing insider James Nelson. Featuring a foreword by bestselling author and star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” Ryan Serhant.

A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships, Second Edition

Valuing automobile dealerships requires specialized knowledge of the physical features of dealerships as well as trends in the real estate and automotive industries. A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships, second edition, explores changing car buying habits, new business models, and various types of vehicle-related properties and addresses the concerns of users of appraisal reports. Case studies and real-life examples are included along with guidance from industry experts.

A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships, second edition, will help commercial real estate appraisers examine the relevant issues considered in the valuation of auto dealerships and offer new insights to professionals involved in the design, development, and financing of these unique properties.

The Examined Life

The eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Making a Living, Making a Life’ (Kirkus Best Indie Books of 2015), ‘The Examined Life’ is the second collection by noted essayist, philanthropist and business leader Daniel Rose. It includes essays, speeches, editorials written for The Harlem Times, and personal vignettes from 90 years of a rich professional, philanthropic and family life. Touching on subjects as varied as international philanthropy, public education, race relations, criminal justice, religion and gentrification, this collection provides fresh insights and perspectives on a wide range of subjects at the heart of current public discourse. As Fareed Zakaria wrote of ‘Making a Living, Making a Life’, “Dan Rose has created a body of work that is philosophy at its most useful, for it asks the great question first posed by the Greeks and then polished to a high finish in the Renaissance: how does one live a good life?”

CMBS 911

Until now, there has never been a road map that explains it all, lays it all out, and pulls the curtain back on the complex and complicated business of CMBS loans.

In CMBS 911, all things CMBS are explained.

Managing Commercial Property Tax Risk in Uncertain Times

Anne Sheehan, CRE, has published a joint e-Book with

This free eBook examines how to:

  • Manage risk and find opportunities for commercial property tax savings in uncertain times
  • Lay the groundwork for a successful commercial property tax strategy
  • Implement a proactive 3-step commercial property tax management plan

Barron’s Real Estate Licensing Exams Test Prep – 11th Edition

By Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., and J. Bruce Lindeman Ph.D.

Barron’s Real Estate Licensing Exams has been updated to provide the latest information in real estate finance, federal law and regulation, and appraisal license requirements for the 2019 & 2020 exams. This edition covers the material on nationally distributed real estate exams as well as state-distributed exams.

A Guide to Parking

This book provides an overview of the transportation and mobility industry, and is ideal for use by professionals (particularly those new to the field); managers, as orientation materials or refresher training on parking; and as a text for graduate-level students focusing on areas of study that are impacted by the parking industry—including planning, engineering, architecture, and real estate. It was published by the International Parking Institute. Chapter Author: Michael Ash, Esq., CRE, contributed the section on laws, regulations and policy.

The Executive’s Guide to Buying Commercial Property

Whether launching a new business, needing space for expansion, or investing in real estate, this book is an easy to follow guide when buying commercial property. The authors have seen virtually every problem than can occur in a commercial real estate transaction; therefore, the information they share will help companies avoid the typical pitfalls of buying a building. Chapters include such important topics as which professional resources to assemble to ensure that any challenges will be addressed, financing, accounting, selecting a bank, and more . Co-author: Alex Ruggieri, CRE.

Golf Property Analysis and Valuation

Appraisers valuing golf properties are increasingly bringing sophisticated new methodology to the market and appraisal practice. This book provides the most current information available on the economics and valuation of golf courses and clubs. As an authoritative reference for such topics as market segmentation, ownership and management structures, methods of valuing golf properties, common problems encountered by appraisers, the book should be of great interest to attorneys, lenders, tax assessors, golf course developers and managers, appraisers, and other real estate or golf professionals.  Author: Laurence Hirsh, CRE.

Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies, 3rd Edition

This book shows how to attract and retain clients, market a business more aggressively, expand the services offered, and boost a company’s profits in current changing business climate. Featured topics include hiring and retaining talent; the manager/client relationship; handling legal issues and ethical practices, and more. It also features six case studies of newly-established real estate management companies, with tips for success and lessons learned. Co-author: Richard F. Muhlebach, CRE.