Real Estate Investing for Dummies

The authors present strategies for investing, along with updated tips for riding out downturns in the real estate market. From homes and apartment buildings to duplexes, commercial properties, and real estate investment trusts (REITs), the book provides information about understanding risks, raising capital, financing, choosing locations and buildings, valuing property, foreclosures, leases, cash flow, negotiation and much more. Author: Robert Griswold, CRE

Making a Living, Making a Life


This collection of nearly 50 essays and speeches by Daniel Rose, CRE provides keen insight and analysis on a wide array of real estate, civic and business topics. His belief that “doing good” and “doing well” are not inconsistent is a foundation for posing questions and sharing perspectives on education, economics, social problems, history, philanthropy and real estate development — matters he has addressed throughout his career. Good Cities vs. Great Cities; Housing and the Elderly; Servicing the Global City; Urban Challenges Today; Development Challenges for Africa; and Restoring Trust, Confidence and Hope are but a few of the subjects explored. Author: Daniel Rose, CRE.

Port-City Governance

In changing economic conditions, ports and cities are working to transform their facilities and urban fabric to succeed in the global marketplace. This book builds on the strengths of a global network of researchers and professionals – and publication coincides with the 14th World Conference Cities and Ports in 2015. Taking a broad approach, the content is focused on the city-port dilemma – addressing many of the key issues that corporations, institutions and regulators face as they strive to understand the key factors that contribute to the functional dynamics of port cities. The book is available as a free download. Chapter Author: Franc J. Pigna, CRE.

The Art of Commercial Real Estate Leasing: How to Lease a Commercial Building and Keep It Leased

In this book, an addition to the Rich Dad Library series, the author shares the successful techniques he uses to maximize his clients’ and his own investments — and provides insight and advice on positioning your building; reviewing a lease, negotiating, choosing an agent and more. In his view, being successful in real estate and leasing comes down to the same qualities that make good artists great: passion, tenacity and commitment. His process will demonstrate how to maximize value/return, no matter what the market or the product type. Author: R. Craig Coppola, CRE

Real Estate Licensing Exams – 10th Edition

Notable improvements over prior editions include a 1-3 page introduction to each chapter with essential points to learn, a much wider range and variety of questions, simplification of the math sections, updates to all materials, and a special exam that focuses specifically on government regulations. Author: Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., CRE

Real Estate Law and Financing in CEE/SEE

Developed with leading experts from the legal and banking practice, this book provides the practitioner with a unique overview of legal and financing aspects related to acquisition and development of real estate in Central and Southeastern Europe. Among the topics covered are acquisition, taxation, national registries, lease limitations, development and more. It is fully bilingual in English and German, and it provides internationally customary terminology. Countries covered are Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Co-author: Peter Oberlechner, CRE, LL.M.

The Advisor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment

Investment advisors now have an important new resource to help them demystify commercial real estate investing for clients. This book explains dozens of topics including property types, portfolio management, private equity funds, REITs, public real estate, and more. It also addresses yield, risk and how to evaluate real estate returns. Readers can learn strategies and tactics from the perspectives of an all-star team of recognized professionals, including CRE members Peter Burley, Victor Calanog, Howard Gelbtuch, Kenneth Riggs, and Roy Schneiderman. Author/Editor: David J. Lynn, CRE.

The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings (Third Edition)

Now in its third edition (published 2015), this book is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to escalation theory and practices in commercial real estate. First published in 1991, this edition has been updated to include a particular emphasis on how escalations are a partnership between the landlord and tenant. It also now includes a comprehensive Q&A section offering additional insights and tips for navigating through the gross-up process, plus new chapters on expense caps, managing an escalation audit and escalating building rating system cost. Author: Bill Brownfield, CRE

Port Infrastructure Finance

This book provides an expert analysis of alternative investment routes and the investment strategies available to the major port players, and is a much-needed guide to expanding the investor base for private debt funding of projects from loan providers to bond investors. Chapter Author: Franc J. Pigna, CRE

Landlord’s Legal Kit for Dummies

This guide to residential rental is a comprehensive guide to the laws and legalities of renting property. It covers a complete range of topics, including privacy rights, how to handle breach of lease, domicile laws, evictions and much more, plus guidance and forms (in English and Spanish) that help landlords avoid tenant issues, which could lead to legal ramifications. From screening potential tenants to handling your own insurance and taxes, this easy-to-read book contains current information about applicable codes, ordinances, and landlord-tenant laws and policies across the country. Co-Author: Robert Griswold, CRE