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Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Giving back is a core value of The Counselors of Real Estate. As the COVID-19 pandemic affects our daily lives and impacts businesses and the financial markets globally, real estate owners, users, investors, financiers, and public and private sector decision makers can benefit from the qualified advice and guidance that Counselors can offer about the immediate and longer-term effects on real property.

Find a CRE

If you have a specific real estate question in regards to this crisis, use our “Find a CRE” tool to locate a Counselor with the right expertise.

COVID-19 in Real Estate Issues

CRE’s journal Real Estate Issues is publishing a series on the impact the coronavirus is having on the real estate industry, from the effects on the economy, to legal issues, to the impact on specific market sectors.


Recordings of past events

Disaster Response Discussion Board

Counselors are sharing stories from their markets, offering advice, and asking questions on the Disaster Response Discussion Board in the CRE Member Forum. (Exclusive to members of The Counselors of Real Estate.)

Other COVID-19 Resources

Here are resources we’ve collected from other real estate organizations and firms.

About the Disaster Response Initiative

The Counselors of Real Estate and its members are known for giving back to their communities and industry. Counselors have a culture of caring and supporting communities and members when they are confronted with disasters.

In recent years, The Counselors has responded more substantively to disasters.  After 9/11, The Counselors coordinated a large group of CRE volunteers to address leasing, insurance and related real estate questions for New Yorkers. When Katrina struck, the organization reached out to assist local members and, for several years, continued to provide additional support. The Consulting Corps provided assistance via several assignments.

In Their Own Words

Listen to 2020 Global Chair Michel Couillard, CRE, Disaster Response Group Chair Constantine (“Tino”) Korologos, CRE, and John Viggers, CRE, discuss the Counselors’ disaster response initiative on March 6, 2020.


Contact Us

Contact Samantha DeKoven (at sdekoven@cre.org) for more information or to join the Disaster Response Group.