CRE Chair's Award

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An annual award to be given at the discretion of the Chair to a team of CREs whose activity best demonstrates advancing the success of the organization. The three liaison vice chairmen will recommend the nominees. The award will be a perpetual trophy to reside at the CRE headquarters, with the recipients receiving a CRE commemorative plaque.

CRE Committee Service Award

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The CRE Committee Service Award provides official recognition of exemplary committee, task force, or other extraordinary service to the CRE organization. Established in 1996, the award recipient is selected by the chair of the board in collaboration with the organization president.

Jacqueline Buhn, CRE, Receives 2023 Committee Service Award

Jackie Buhn, CRE, pictured here with Anthony DellaPelle, CRE, accepts the 2023 Committee Service Award at the annual conference in Vancouver, Canada.

James D. Landauer/John R. White Award

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The Landauer/White Award is presented annually to an individual who has furthered the ideals of The Counselors of Real Estate®—integrity, competence, community, trust and selflessness—and who has demonstrated both outstanding professionalism in real estate and a notable influence civically.

Scott Muldavin, CRE, Honored as 2023 Landauer/White Award Recipient

Scott Muldavin, CRE Emeritus, was recognized as the 2023 recipient of The Counselors of Real Estate’s most prestigious honor, the James D. Landauer/John R. White Award, presented to those who have furthered the ideals of the organization—integrity, competence, community, trust, and selflessness—and who have demonstrated both outstanding professionalism in real estate and a notable influence civically.

James Felt Creative Counseling Award

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The James Felt Creative Counseling Award is a celebration of outstanding achievement and ingenuity by members of The Counselors of Real Estate. Established in 1992, and first awarded in 1995, the James Felt Creative Counseling Award enhances the public recognition of the CRE Designation, the counseling profession, and The Counselors of Real Estate organization itself.

Julie Melander, CRE, Receives 2020 James Felt Creative Counseling Award

Julie L. Melander, CRE, Director, Asset Management, of PEG Companies in Provo, Utah, has earned the 2020 James Felt Award for Creative Counseling from The Counselors of Real Estate®.  The award celebrates outstanding achievement and ingenuity in real estate counseling. Through her work with a prior employer under a Special Servicing contract, Melander worked with… Read more

Jared Shlaes Prize

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The Counselors of Real Estate is proud to announce creation of The Jared Shlaes Prize, a $10,000 award, presented annually, recognizing an article, published in Real Estate Issues, which “makes a real estate subject clear to the broadest possible audience.” The Prize, envisioned and endowed by the family of the late Jared Shlaes, CRE (1930 – 2020), honors the legacy of Mr. Shlaes, creator and founder of Real Estate Issues, the signature publication of The Counselors of Real Estate to which Mr. Shlaes remained a frequent contributor. A prolific and visionary writer in his own right, the dominant theme of Jared’s work through the years was not cutting edge methods or extremely precise measurements – but clarity of thought and purity of language. He had the ability to make complex situations clear and understandable, perhaps most aptly demonstrated in a body of work which included his book, Real Estate Counseling in a Plain Brown Wrapper.

Ethan Blevins Accepts the First-Ever Jared Shlaes Prize
  • Ethan Blevins

Pacific Legal Foundation’s Ethan Blevins accepts the first-ever Jared Shlaes Prize, a $10,000 award given annually to a Real Estate Issues author whose writing personifies clarity of thought. Noah Shlaes, CRE, (left) presented the award along with his sisters Jane and Amity in honor of their father, Jared Shlaes, CRE (1930 – 2020), creator and… Read more

Louise L. and Y.T. Lum Award

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Established by the Louise L. and Y.T. Lum Foundation, the Lum Award is given to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to the study of and elaboration upon the principles, theories, techniques, and practices of real estate counseling, and “sharing of the fruits thereof,” to ensure the continuing advancement to the depth and breadth of knowledge and education among those in the profession.

Michel Couillard Award For Leadership

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The Michel Couillard Award for Leadership is granted to Counselors of Real Estate who show extraordinary leadership, either within the Counselor organization or an outside community, initiative, or public or private entity.

Jon Avery, CRE, is the Second Recipient of Michel Couillard Award

Jon Avery, CRE, accepts the Michel Couillard, CRE, Award for Leadership. This First Nations Talking Stick reflects the characteristics of leadership, authority, and wisdom, and symbolizes Jon’s extraordinary contributions to The Counselors.

William S. Ballard Award

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The William S. Ballard Award recognizes the author(s) whose work best exemplifies the high standards of content maintained in Real Estate Issues, the professional journal published by The Counselors of Real Estate.

2014 Ballard Award Winner
  • Mr. William G. Blake, Esq.