CRE® Foundation Project Examples


To the Paradise Association of REALTORS in conjunction with the CRE Consulting Corp to provide a strategic action plan for housing and commercial redevelopment in Paradise, California after the 2018 fire that devastated the community.

Funding to conduct a study of Portland Oregon’s efforts to address commercial affordability in retail, industrial and other types of commercial space in gentrifying urban areas.

To a University District Commercial Redevelopment group to assess the feasibility and community acceptance of various approaches for redeveloping its surrounding commercial real estate areas.

To a university minority program in real estate which provides training for individuals active in redeveloping minority and underserved communities, either by completing development projects or by participating in the development and planning process.

To a community design collaborative to support the third phase of the Infill Philadelphia project which will focus on retooling and recycling Philadelphia’s industrial landscape as sustainable, 21st Century workplace environments.

To the Counselors’ Consulting Corps to fund the development of a strategic plan for the Benedictine Women of Madison for utilizing its real property holdings, thereby enabling them to attain sound financial footing while protecting environmentally sensitive land.

To a homeless coalition to help fund the CRE Consulting Corps undertake a study to identify and evaluate site options, structure a plan for the relocation process, and document the potential economic impacts of relocation to the organization’s homeless clients.

To the CRE New England Chapter to work with a not-for-profit in development of a model to guide the development and management of a financially self-sustainable portfolio of housing facilities, the proceeds of which will ultimately help subsidize shelter for lower income citizens.


To underwrite a project in educational outreach designed to create an adequate supply of affordable workforce housing.

To fund the Interdisciplinary Development and Design for Senior Housing project by three universities.

To a university law school’s Land Use Institute to begin development and publication of a series of pamphlets designed to educate property owners and citizens involved in land use planning and regulatory activities, as well as the public at large, on key issues they face and options for addressing them.

To a state university Center for Real Estate to conduct a study of mixed-use redevelopment of school properties in downtown regions, including research, a symposium and a final report.

Partial funding for two global research symposia to promote and illuminate understanding of common issues relating to property markets worldwide: the Global Cities in an Era of Change symposium at Harvard University and the Global Cities in an Era of Change symposium at Stanford University.


To fund an Initiative on Local Housing Regulation by a public policy institute in partnership with a university to develop policy recommendations based on its findings relative to local barriers to housing development.

To fund an Initiative on Local Housing Regulation in Massachusetts in partnership with Harvard University’s Rapport Institute for Greater Boston.

To an Institute for Public Policy to develop policy recommendations based on finding’s derived from its study on local barriers to housing development.

To fund the template for a downtown revitalization strategy in Oxford, New Jersey.


To assist in the development of a market oriented real estate system in the country of Kyrgyzstan through presentation of a ten-session distance education Real Estate Seminar Program by a university’s real estate school.

To a Women of Uganda Training Seminar to provide education and training classes regarding women’s property rights in Uganda to protect them from attempts to take their land, leaving them with no means of economic gain.

To the Polish Association of Real Estate Counselors the first real estate counseling organization in Central and Eastern Europe, for the development of educational seminars and conferences.

To fund travel expenses associated with facilitating 1) appraisal classes in both Uganda and Rwanda, 2) CRE participation in providing a two-day valuation and lending seminar in Abuja, Nigeria in conjunction with the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria and the International Real Property Foundation, and 3) the presentation of a seminar in South Africa on Valuation and Lending Practices.

To Yantaló Volunteer House for construction of the first housing project in Yantaló and the development of framework for future housing in Peru.