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Welcome Back! Join Us in Boston September 11-14 for the CRE® Annual Convention: Cheers! Chowder! Change.

What is a Counselor of Real Estate?

Counselors of Real Estate are trusted advisors finding solutions to complex real estate challenges. Experienced, innovative, and credentialed problem solvers, Counselors practice in 21 countries and offer expertise in more than 60 real estate disciplines across all asset classes. Invited to membership by their peers, Counselors have earned the prestigious CRE® designation.

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The Counselors of Real Estate is moving to one in-person meeting per year, commencing with Boston 2022: Cheers! Chowder! Change. We’re drawing recognized industry leaders to our podiums; designing interactive sessions with provocative, point/counterpoint elements; increasing property tours in Boston; identifying real estate problem-solving opportunities fostering member collaboration; and creating memorable social events featuring the famous CRE Band, “Sound Counsel.”

Giving Back

Giving back is a core value of The Counselors of Real Estate. Our initiatives include the Consulting Corps, The CRE Foundation, and Economic Advisory.

As a public service program, the CRE Consulting Corps is designed to provide access to the highest level of expertise in designing effective strategies for sound real estate solutions.

The Counselors of Real Estate Foundation supports projects of social, community, and/or educational benefit which contain a meaningful connection to real estate and knowledge sharing.

Members of the Economic Advisory Council offer analysis and interpretation of economic indicators, fiscal policies, and property market data, and explain in a compelling manner how convergence of the three is impacting commercial real estate asset classes and the industry in general.

The Consulting Corps and CRE® Foundation are working with the Town of Paradise and the Paradise Association of Realtors to offer objective analysis and strategic counsel in the rebuilding process in the aftermath of the 2018 “Camp Fire.”

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Upcoming Events

DEIB Committee Meeting

August 24 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Marketing Committee Meeting

August 25 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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