Why States Should Preempt Local Zoning to Create Affordable Housing

Housing shortages once mainly confined to the coasts have made landfall in places like Boise, Idaho, and Bozeman, Montana. According to Freddie Mac, the United States “is short 3.8 million housing units to keep up with household formation.” While other factors—including land costs, lack of available land, and high labor costs—contribute to the housing shortage,… Read more

Better Know a CRE

Better Know a CRE: K. “Teya” Moore, CRE®

Welcome to another edition of Better Know a CRE. This series serves as a spotlight for Counselors of Real Estate leadership with the goal of helping fellow counselors and others learn more about the organization, its happenings, and its history. Given his focus on affordable housing, an issue often highlighted in different ways in the Counselors’… Read more

Zombie Malls – Part 2: Bringing Dead Shopping Venues Back to Life Through Multifamily Development – Parking is the Key to Mall Multifamily Development

Abstract As more retail activity goes online with Ecommerce and given the fact that the U.S. is over retailed, mall owners/developers are looking for ways to revitalize and monetize their real estate by adding multifamily to create a mixed-use environment. One of the main drivers of this effort is parking reduction, as developers and retailers… Read more


Energy Transmission is a Real Estate Issue

Background: The Counselors of Real Estate ® announced their Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate® for 2024. When presented at their annual conference there was some dismay that Global Climate Change did not make the list. In fact, climate indirectly affects a number of the topics, including Infrastructure (#10). But in a real estate context,… Read more

The Everyday Leader

Navigating the Waters of Leadership: Flipping the Script on Anxiety

Imagine a diver exploring a shipwreck on a sandy sea floor when suddenly, a dark presence emerges from the shadows within. Silent, circling, and full of teeth. Faced with such a situation, fear can be paralyzing. However, it can also serve as a powerful ally in this moment, sharpening focus, heightening awareness, and pushing us… Read more


Decoding Key Elements of Successful Innovation Districts

Introduction In the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession, cities globally faced a pivotal moment, urgently seeking rejuvenation and renewal amidst economic turmoil. Urban planners and policymakers embarked on a quest for innovative solutions to breathe new life into struggling urban landscapes. It is within this context that the concept of innovation districts emerged as a beacon of hope for economic recovery, championing creativity,... Read More