Making an Impact

The Counselors of Real Estate® is an international organization of commercial property professionals who hold leading positions in real estate, finance, law, and academia, as well as roles with business advisory firms and government agencies. Counselors volunteer their time and expertise for CRE Consulting Corps assignments, so costs are well below market rates.

How We Work

We assemble a world-class team of Counselors to come onsite for a week, analyze your market, listen to stakeholders, and present recommendations. A follow-up written report is delivered 4-8 weeks later, providing you with actionable strategic guidance immediately.

  1. Please complete an “Application for CRE Consulting Corps Assistance,” to describe the real estate challenge. You are welcome to email or call staff to discuss how the CRE Consulting Corps can assist you.
  2. Consulting Corps Leadership will work with you to clarify the scope of the assignment and outline the workplan in an engagement letter.
  3. We convene a Team of volunteers from CRE membership with the skills and expertise to match the specific needs of the assignment.
  4. To prepare the Consulting Corps team in advance of their on-site work, we look to you to provide resource materials such as maps, market information, and other relevant materials. We also rely on you to schedule interviews with key stakeholders.
  5. The team is generally on-site for 5 – 6 days. The typical week is structured as follows:
    • Sunday – The Team gathers in the late afternoon.
    • Monday—The Team meets with client representatives for on-site briefing and property tours; the team may begin stakeholder meetings.
    • Tuesday-Wednesday—The Team interviews stakeholders and gathers additional market data.
    • Thursday—The Team meets behind closed doors to review the information gathered, brainstorm, identify and finalize recommendations, and prepare the recommendations.
    • Friday—The Team conducts an exit briefing, delivering immediate recommendations to the client.
  6. Approximately 60 days after the briefing, the client receives a comprehensive report with a strategic plan of action that will guide your way to a real estate solution. You are encouraged to meet with the Team for a virtual Q and A upon delivery of the final report.
  7. Follow-up check-ins will be conducted to discuss progress to implementing the recommendations. We will follow up with you after 6 months and 1 year.


The fee for CRE Consulting Corps services is determined by the size, scope, duration, and travel expenses related to the assignment.

The fee is discussed and decided upon between the organization requesting assistance and the chairman of the CRE Consulting Corps Steering Committee. The fee is an administrative fee paid to The Counselors of Real Estate organization. Travel costs are also paid by the organization receiving the services of the CRE Consulting Corps.

The professional services provided by members of the CRE Consulting Corps are extended on behalf of The Counselors of Real Estate organization. Each project requires extensive time and effort, which includes the review of resource materials, site visits, interviews, deliberations, and the presentation of recommendations. However, members of The Counselors volunteer their time so clients retain exceptional service for fees dramatically discounted from current market rates for such high level counseling services.