Why Be a Counselor?

Are you a leading real estate practitioner recognized for your expertise, experience, and an ethical judgement in providing advice that influences important real estate decisions?

The Counselors of Real Estate represents a community of expertise, talent, and collegiality among practitioners recognized as leaders in real estate. The membership of approximately 1,000 CREs shares a commonality of integrity, competence, community, trust and responsibility.

While the CRE® credential, personal business networks, and educational programs are worthy reasons to seek membership, what most members value above all is The Counselors’ unique culture of camaraderie and friendship. This culture has evolved over nearly 70 years to provide a rich environment for friendship that enables Counselors to achieve more in their professional lives and strengthen their contributions to the real estate industry.

The Counselors of Real Estate welcomes people from all real estate disciplines and organizations. Diversity of expertise has long been a hallmark of the organization, with investors, financiers, developers, corporate real estate executives, appraisers, consultants, attorneys, brokers, and other industry professionals all part of the membership. Counselors are located in large cities and small towns throughout the U.S. and the world. Members may be independent consultants or employees, sole practitioners or leaders of large firms.

The CRE® designation is highly desired. The exclusive benefits available to members are augmented by a desire by many to move forward by giving back to society and the profession by joining together to achieve what a single individual may not.

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