Application for Funding

Funding Criteria

  1. Items appearing on the current CRE Top Ten List in the year the project is presented (The Counselors is astute in identifying issues for inclusion on our annual CRE Top Ten; Trustees wants to facilitate identification of solutions which might address certain of these issues).
  2. Consulting Corps Projects (particularly in situations where the client does not have the funds to retain the Corps).
  3. Disaster Relief/Response Efforts in areas affected by natural disasters.
  4. Studies which analyze and offer solutions for problems and/or answer questions associated with real estate.
  5. Symposia built around a compelling real estate related theme (i.e. the Stanford and Harvard Symposiums).
  6. Programs/initiatives to engage students in the art of real estate problem solving.

Parameters/Components of Funding

  1. A Counselor of Real Estate must be front and center in overseeing approved grants and must be willing to assume an active role in monitoring the progress of the project.
  2. Projects which could be replicated in other communities and/or serve as a template for future projects are particularly favored.
  3. How a proposal plans to “Make a Difference through Real Estate” should be emphasized.
  4. Projects should showcase and enhance the CRE Brand.
  5. The Foundation seeks to make larger allocations to projects which extend for longer periods of time.


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Examples – Projects Not Funded