Keys to Mortgage Financing and Refinancing – Fourth Edition

A guide for home buyers including information about obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home, a second mortgage or home improvement loan. Includes sections on a variety of additional topics including appraisals, tax considerations, whether or not to pre-pay or pay down a mortgage, evaluating an adjustable rate mortgage and more. Part of the Barron’s Business Keys series. Author: Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., CRE

The Dynamics of Real Estate Capital Markets: A Practitioner’s Perspective

This book offers an explanation of market cycles based on a perspective that spans four decades, through 2006. Mr. McCoy, a former general partner at Morgan Stanley, and president of Morgan Stanley Realty, was a pioneer in linking real estate financing to capital markets. Through a collection of essays, he shows readers the changes that have taken place in the dynamic real estate arena throughout his career. Author: Bowen H. “Buzz” McCoy, CRE

Eminent Domain Use and Abuse: Kelo in Context

Offering a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London, this book addresses the question of when eminent domain may constitutionally be used to take property for projects that are not publicly owned and operated facilities. It conveys the context of this debate and offers guidance concerning the Kelo decision itself and how it may be used. An accompanying CD-ROM provides over 1,500 pages of information, including the Connecticut Supreme Court Decision. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE

How to Prepare for the California Real Estate Exams

A guide for salespersons, brokers and appraisers, this book covers all major test topics, including contracts, closing statements, California real estate law, real estate terms and definitions and more. Includes test-taking advice, an overview of exams, how to qualify for a license, six full-length model exams with all questions answered and explained plus additional practice questions with answers. Tables include broker commissions, costs and fees, present and future value of the dollar, various analyses, amortization schedules, etc. Part of the Barron’s Test Preparation series. Author: Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., CRE.

Shopping Center Management and Leasing

This book is a comprehensive resource for those who own, manage, or lease any type of shopping center. The authors include valuable information for anyone who wants to learn to manage the challenges unique to shopping centers. Topics covered include working with developers and owners on new shopping center development or renovated properties, analyzing trade areas to create the best tenant mix, establishing effective shopping center management and operations, negotiating shopping center leases and methods to retain shopping center tenants. Author: Richard Muhlebach, CRE.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Part of Barron’s Financial Tables for Better Money Management series, this book answers many questions borrowers need to know about adjustable rate mortgages, as a help to buyers in selecting the most suitable type of loan for their circumstances. Includes sections on types of loans available, how an ARM loan works, loan comparisons, understanding index values and more. Tables include monthly payments under a variety of interest rate scenarios and payment adjustments. A glossary is included along with practical information for better decision making. Author: Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., CRE.

The Complete Guide to Zoning

The Complete Guide to Zoning — How to Navigate the Complex and Expensive Maze of Zoning, Planning, Environmental, and Land-Use Law gives planners, property owners and developers essential knowledge about land use and regulations affecting it, including zoning laws. Included are sections on obtaining permits and variances for projects, fighting developments that diminish others’ property values; laws that limit, and how to work around them and dealing with environmental protection restrictions. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE

The Takings Issue

This book is an essential resource on the complex subject of land use. It is an authoritative examination of the issue on the local, state and federal level. Written in a way that is readable for individual land owners, planners, local officials and attorneys, it provides a much-needed overview with balance and objectivity for anyone concerned about private property, land use and natural resource issues. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE