Making a Difference in Springfield, Oregon

Stakeholders express their gratitude for the team coming together to make this vital impact on our city.
Dave Lacy, President, Springfield REALTORS®

“Seeing how we can make this area a go-to place is really exciting.
Becki Trowbridge, eXp Realty

Clients: The City of Springfield, Oregon, has a population of approximately 62,000 people. Situated in the Southern Willamette Valley, Springfield neighbors Eugene, which is Oregon’s second largest city and home to the University of Oregon. Through Transforming Neighborhoods, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) partnered with The Counselors of Real Estate® Consulting Corps and issued a call for proposals for strategic real estate problem solving. The project submitted by the Springfield REALTORS® in conjunction with the City of Springfield was selected. 

Challenge: Springfield has had significant success redeveloping its downtown, with increased investment, new housing, restaurants, shops, and activity. In addition, the City has begun planning for redevelopment of the Glenwood area, and hundreds of new homes are under construction or recently purchased in Marcola Meadows. However, the Mohawk Shopping Center has stood out as an underutilized area in the center of the city. While it has seen some revitalization (e.g., a remodeled Wendy’s turning into a Starbucks), a former big-box retail store remains vacant, and other buildings are underutilized. The area has nearby assets including the McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, Willamalane Park, Springfield High School, Maple Elementary, EWEB bike path, and downtown; however, the district lacks a sense of place. The roughly 17-acre shopping center is controlled by several distinct owners, increasing the challenge of redevelopment. To create a stronger community, the City of Springfield, Oregon, and the Springfield Realtors® (“Clients”) have requested CRE Consulting Corps assistance to evaluate what the public sector could do to assist in the redevelopment of Mohawk Shopping Center, and what options may exist in the immediate area that could contribute to the growth and enhanced well-being of the neighborhood and the community.   

Assessment and Findings: In February, 2024, the Consulting Corps team visited Springfield, toured the site and broader area, examined demographic and economic data, and interviewed more than 20 stakeholders including elected and appointed officials, community representatives, business and industry leaders, and other stakeholders. The team observed that the City has been successful in supporting downtown reinvestment, is considered business-friendly; with increased housing demand affecting vacancy rates and prices, more can be done to offer incentives and set the stage for investment in the Mohawk District.

Participating in Consulting Corps panels has been an absolute privilege for me. It’s an honor to give back. These panels provide the opportunity to come in from the outside with a fresh set of eyes, evaluate a problem, and propose potential solutions. This outside perspective enables us to offer some insight that can be very helpful for the local community, and hopefully helps them create a better place to live, work, and playOn a personal basis, CRE members get to know each other and truly enjoy the time together.

Eric Swanson, CRE, Springfield Consulting Corps Team Leader 

Team: The team was led by Eric Swanson, CRE, Boca Raton, Florida. Panelists were Barry Blanton, CRE, Seattle, Washington; Jenny Massey, CRE, Indianapolis, Indiana; Kier Riemersma, CRE, Denver, Colorado; and Kinnon Williams, CRE, Seattle, Washington.  

L to R: Barry Blanton, CRE, Isaac Rhoads-Dey, Springfield Realtors, Dave Lacy, Springfield Realtors, Jenny Massey, CRE, Eric Swanson, CRE, Kier Riemersma, CRE, Kinnon Williams, CRE 

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