Transformative Real Estate: A Journey of Collaboration and Impact with the CRE Consulting Corps

As a newly inducted member of The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), my journey has already taken me on an exhilarating ride of learning and contribution, particularly through my involvement in the CRE Consulting Corps. This initiative epitomizes the collaborative spirit and commitment to community enhancement that defines the ethos of the CRE.

In a recent project, I had the privilege of representing the site selection and economic development aspects of a transformative endeavor in Springfield, Oregon. The project focused on the revitalization of the Mohawk Shopping Center and its surrounding area, referred to by the Consulting Corps team as the Mohawk District, aiming to foster growth and well-being within the community.

The scope of the project was extensive, encompassing assessments of underutilized parcels, demographic analyses, and consultations with various local stakeholders. The goal was not merely to offer recommendations but to provide actionable insights that would catalyze reinvestment and redevelopment, creating a stronger sense of place and connectivity within the neighborhood.

Initially, I accepted my place on the project team with enthusiasm, albeit with some uncertainty about my role. Despite some initial struggles with understanding how I could add value, I was encouraged to participate and contribute by my peers. However, it wasn’t until a pivotal moment one evening that I experienced a significant mindset shift.

This shift in perspective, prompted by a gentle reminder from Samantha, our experienced CRE Consulting Corps project organizer, proved to be transformative. The realization and application of focusing on what I could contribute rather than dwelling on what I perceived as my limitations. Embracing a team-focused approach allowed me to view the project from a different angle and positively contribute to our collective efforts.

Throughout the process, I was welcomed into the fold of the Consulting Corps with open arms. My fellow team members, drawn from diverse backgrounds and expertise, embraced me as a valued contributor, eager to collaborate and share insights. This inclusive mindset was not confined to our team but extended to our interactions with the clients, stakeholders, and community members involved in the project.

As we concluded our onsite week with an exit briefing, presenting our immediate recommendations to the clients and stakeholders, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. Our efforts had not only yielded tangible and some unexpected outcomes but had also strengthened relationships and fostered a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.  You will be able to read about these findings in an upcoming report.


Looking ahead, I am excited to continue my journey with the CRE as a Consulting Corps Steering Committee member, hoping to help drive positive change and make a meaningful impact in communities across the country. I would highly encourage others to investigate this amazing opportunity to give back, develop your team-building and leadership skills, and overall have a great time meeting new friends and visiting new places.  Together we will uphold the values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration that define The Counselors of Real Estate.