Pushed Off the Diving Board: Accelerated Tech Adoption in the Golden Age of the Late Adopter

Volume 45, Number 12 July 2, 2021 By Noah D. Shlaes, CRE, and Thomas Shircliff, CRE Photo: Quardia/Shutterstock.com Technology Acceleration and Innovation was listed as the #2 issue in the 2021-22 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate® by The Counselors of Real Estate®. Technology once again makes our Top Ten list but under different conditions and […]

Will COVID-Accelerated Mobility Patterns Endure, Changing the Built Environment as We Know It?

Volume 45, Number 11 June 30, 2021 By Cassandra J. Francis, CRE, and Tomáš Ctibor, CRE Photo: Olesya Kuznetsova/Shutterstock.com Remote Work & Mobility was listed as the #1 issue in the 2021-22 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate® by The Counselors of Real Estate®. Introduction COVID-19’s disruption during 2020 has significantly impacted the world’s economy, demographics, […]

New York Tomorrow

Volume 45, Number 10 June 14, 2021 By Daniel Rose, CRE Emeritus Photo: Mike Ver Sprill/Shutterstock.com “You can never step into the same river twice, since the river keeps changing and you keep changing.” The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus could have been referring to New York. He would have understood an evolving New York in […]

Office is the New Retail: A Dynamic Property Sector Faces Painful Adjustments and a Bifurcated Recovery

PERSPECTIVE Volume 45, Number 9 May 28, 2021 By Andrew J. Nelson, CRE Photo: Girts Ragelis/Shutterstock.com Despite wholly different market dynamics, the office property sector is confronting some challenging adjustments coming out of the pandemic that eerily mirror those buffeting the retail sector. American office workers are preparing to venture out from their home offices […]

The Stages in the Life of a Restaurant Property

Volume 45, Number 8 May 7, 2021 By Bradley R. Carter, CRE, MAI, CCIM, CDEI and J. Tyler Leard Photo: Jeff Whyte/Shutterstock.com Introduction A well-constructed restaurant building can stand for 40 years, or perhaps much longer. However, as this article seeks to explore, the economic life of a restaurant building, or the period for which […]

Build This House: Real Estate Opportunities in The U.S. Under Biden

Volume 45, Number 7 April 23, 2021 By Dr. Alexis Crow Photo: Luca Perra/Shutterstock.com Introduction Whilst real estate stood at the epicenter of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the asset class has held up with demonstrable resilience throughout the globally synchronized recessions spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. With red hot residential markets in advanced and […]

  • Dr. Alexis Crow

COVID-19 and the Single-Family Home Market: One City’s Experience

FEATURE Volume 45, Number 6 March 19, 2021 By Daniel T. Winkler, Ph.D., and Bruce L. Gordon, Ph.D. Huntsville, Alabama Photo: Real Window Creative/Shutterstock.com The Residential Real Estate Market and the Pandemic The first American COVID-19 case was reported on January 21, 2020, in Washington state. Although the media reported the growing threat of the […]

  • Daniel Winkler, Ph.D.,
  • Bruce Gordon, Ph.D.,

General Liability Insurance & Crime Scores: Caution Advised for the Multifamily Property Industry

Volume 45, Number 5 March 5, 2021 By Jeffrey G. Robert, MBA, Ph.D. Photo: Prath/Shutterstock.com Many insurance carriers purchase third-party crime scores to further evaluate an insurance portfolio’s exposure to criminal risk.1 However, crime scores represent another hurdle for multifamily owners and operators to overcome in the general liability underwriting process. Through interviews with insurance […]

  • Jeffrey G. Robert, MBA, Ph.D.

The Small Business Reorganization Act: The Answers You Need to Know

Volume 45, Number 4 February 19, 2021 By Lori A. Schwartz Photo: M_Agency/Shutterstock.com The COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant “stay at home” orders that took effect throughout the country starting in March 2020 had and continue to have a significant impact on many businesses and their ability to operate at all, let alone to operate […]

  • Lori A. Schwartz

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