Real Estate Issues 2020: Volume 44

Volume 44 Issues

  1. The Case for Real Estate Ethics Education
  2. Real Estate Ethics in Practical Applications
  3. The Coronavirus, the End of the Cycle, and U.S. Commercial Property Markets: Early Thoughts
  4. Emerging Legal Issues Arising from the Coronavirus Pandemic
  5. Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Retail, Office and Industrial May Be Affected by Changes in Human Behavior
  6. The World Has Changed: The Smart City in the Post-COVID-19 World
  7. COVID-19 and Real Estate: What Can We Anticipate?
  8. The Economy Beyond the Tipping Point: Crisis and Opportunity for Renewal
  9. Capital Markets: Revisiting Risk and Return in the Face of Uncertainty
  10. The Consequences of Public and Private Debt on Real Estate
  11. Affordable Housing: The Same Problems, Only Worse
  12. Suspended Mobility Challenges Real Estate Markets
  13. Space Utilization and the Built Environment
  14. Technology and Workflow in the Real Estate Space
  15. Viewing Infrastructure Through a Different Lens
  16. The New Norm: ESG as a Material Risk and Opportunity for Real Estate
  17. Mind the Gaps
  18. How American Cities Can Benefit from Land Value Capture Instruments in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond
  19. What’s “Still” Special About Special Purpose Property
  20. Had Enough ‘Disruption’ Yet? Economic Reflections After the (First) Summer of COVID-19
  21. America’s Sordid History of Exclusionary Zoning
  22. Building Blocks of the Future
  23. Managing Climate Change-Related Risks in Global Real Estate

2020 Editorial Board


John J. Hentschel, CRE


Cassandra J. Francis, CRE
Elaine M. Worzala, Ph.D., CRE


Casey R. Kemper, CRE


Michel Couillard, CRE


Mary Walker Fleischmann


Alyssa Bray


Larisa Phillips

Topical Editors and Reviewers

Massimo Biasin, Ph.D., CRE Charles A. Bissell, CRE Mary C. Bujold, CRE
Arthur J. Burrows, CRE John A. Dalkowski, III, CRE Anthony F. DellaPelle, Esq. CRE
Barry A. Diskin, Ph.D., CRE John Albert Griffing, III, CRE Hiroyuki Isobe, CRE
Hugh F. Kelly, Ph.D., CRE Constantine Korologos, CRE Richard Marchitelli, CRE
Kieyasien “Teya” Moore, Esq., CRE Joe W. Parker, CRE Franc J. Pigna, CRE
Alex Ruggieri, CRE Roy J. Schneiderman, CRE Thomas Joseph Shircliff, CRE
Noah D. Shlaes, CRE John Sokul, CRE Daniel L. Swango, CRE
Christian F. Torgrimson, Esq., CRE George T. Vallone, CRE




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