Rik Willard

Founder, Agentic.Ventures

Rik Willard is the Founder of Agentic Ventures, a federation of over fifty blockchain and exponential technology companies worldwide. Based in New York City, Agentic is a thought leader in the emerging discipline of Exonomic Applications — the use of blockchain-based token ecosystems as extra-platform economic vehicles for consumer engagement, community development, financial inclusion, and social benefit. Agentic educates and consults with governments, corporations and organizations, and develops the technologies that are creating new global value paradigms.

Rik is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, an Advisor to the Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Baruch College as well as other board appointments. His speaking engagements include events given by the World Web Forum, the European Union IP Summit, Finance 2.0, the Emerging Links Blockchain Series, Harvard Business School, Dow Jones, Davos 2018, Katapult Future Fest, and the Asian Leadership Conference.