The Benefits of Membership

Counselors of Real Estate believe membership in the organization is a privilege. They experience firsthand a culture of camaraderie and remember the pride and honor they felt upon being invited to membership.

Benefits that members particularly value include:

The CRE® Credential continues to be a badge of honor for those acquiring it. It’s an opportunity to know, interact, and be associated with many of the best minds in real estate in an intimate atmosphere of community, collaboration and accessibility.

The CRE® Network’s strength, reach, reliability, intimacy, and diversity is exemplified by the willingness of CREs to immediately return a call or reply to an email from another CRE®.

The Request for CRE® Expertise is a weekly broadcast email that enables CRE® members to seek advice and specialized expertise from fellow members. This member-to-member dialogue allows CREs to share information and advice with one another.

The CRE® Marketplace is a broadcast email that enables Counselors to present and/or respond to business opportunities. The CRE® Marketplace functions in much the same way as the Request for CRE® Expertise, although the focus is on showcasing actual business opportunities as opposed to member expertise.

CRE® Specialty Interest Groups are interactive Business Forums providing Counselors invaluable opportunities to regularly collaborate, exchange information, offer perspective, and pose questions to CREs of similar specialty in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. There are a total of 13 different groups open to CRE® members only.

Organized opportunities through the CRE® Consulting Corps are a chance to give back to a community by offering your real estate knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

Educational content, whether in-person or virtually, globally or at the Chapter level, offers expert interpretation from provocative speakers who not only represent diverse and novel thinking but question prevailing thinking.  For a limited time, the high-quality and popular “What’s Next” webinar series is open to the real estate and allied industries.