Jeff Baxter

Partner & Co-Founder, Cityvolve LLC

Jeff is a leader in the field of real estate development and planning with a background in sustainable, innovative, community development. He has pursued a passion for redeveloping challenging properties within our towns and cities.  This pursuit led to the founding of Cityvolve LLC in 2013.

Prior to forming Cityvolve, Jeff spent close to a decade managing efforts to revitalize the southern end of North Charleston, SC and the former Charleston Naval Base with The Noisette  Company. The company’s community engagement initiatives and planning and redevelopment endeavors catalyzed over $600 million in public and private investments into the once-struggling community.

With Cityvolve, Jeff has conceptualized and executed commercial real estate development projects across a variety scales and levels of complexity. With a background in design and urban planning, Jeff has developed a wide range of expertise in the commercial real estate realm, and uses this to identify project opportunities with strong investment returns.

Jeff has experience with green building & design, adaptive building re-use, project feasibility, historic preservation and tax credits. He is an effective communicator of complex real estate and urban planning concepts and has honed this skill through public presentations, teaching and community outreach.