Casey Kemper, CRE

President, Collegiate Asset Management

Relevant Experience

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Collegiate Church Corporation, 1997-2018

President and CEO, Collegiate Asset Management (Endowment) 2003-2018

Co-Founder, President and Board Member, New Amsterdam History Center 2003-2018

Vice Chair and Board Member, Blanton Peale Institute, 2004-2018

Chairman Emeritus and Board Member, Women’s Project Theater, 2010-2018

President and Board Member, Counselors of Real Estate (NYC) 2008-2018

Institutional Real Estate Magazine, Editorial Advisory Board, 2017-2018

Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Olympia & York, 1989-1993

Chief Financial Officer, Equitable Real Estate Group, 1985-1987

Industry Experience

Equitable Life Mortgage and Realty Investors

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, 1976-1983
NYSE listed real estate investment trust sponsored and advised by Equitable Life Assurance

Equitable Real Estate Group

Chief Financial Officer, 1985-1987
Institutional investor in a diversified group of real estate development and operating companies

Deutsche Bank Realty Capital Group.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, 1987-1989
Advisor to Private Banking Group and NYSE listed real estate investment trusts

Olympia & York (USA) – Predecessor to Brookfield Financial (USA),

Senior Vice President and Treasurer, 1989-1993
Industry leading real estate development and investment organization

Collegiate Asset Management / Collegiate Church Corporation

President and CEO – Executive Vice President and COO, 1997-2018
Executive management of a $400 million endowment and real estate investment organization

Non Profit Board Service

New Amsterdam History Center

Co-Founder, 2003
Treasurer, 2003-2007
President, 2008-2018
Finance Committee Chair, 2003-2018
Executive Committee Chair, 2008-2018

Conceived and created in partnership with four not for profits, an innovative historical society, provided executive leadership from origin. Promoted public awareness and fundraising activities.

Blanton Peale Institute (BPI)

Treasurer, 2004-2018
Vice Chair, 2009-2018
Executive Committee, 2004-2018
Finance and Audit Committee, 2004-2018

The mission of BPI is to provide affordable mental health counseling services to the New York City community. My board experience has included a major restructure of the organization to substantially improve service delivery and financial strength.

Women’s Project Theater (WPT)

Treasurer, 2008-2011
Chairman, 2012-2017
Chairman Emeritus, 2017-2018
Finance and Audit Committee, 2008-2018
Governance Committee, 2012-2018

The mission of the Women’s Project Theater is to support the advancement of women playwrights, directors and producers in the theater industry. My board experience with WPI included a complete reorganization with board building and fundraising initiatives to revitalize the organization.

Counselors of Real Estate – NYC (CRE)

President, 2014-2016
Secretary, 2011-2013
Membership Chair, 2017-2018
Executive Committee, 2011-2018

The mission of the CRE organization is to promote collaboration and education among industry leading real estate consultants. My board experience with CRE included building stronger board membership and participation, as well as educational programs.

Housing Action Council (HAC)

Treasurer, 2000-2010
Chairman, 2011-2016
Financial Audit Committee, 2000-2016

The mission of HAC is to provide technical, administrative, financial services to government, private for-profit and non-profit organizations engaged in affordable housing development and management. My leadership helped the organization to develop functional capacity.

Sheltering the Homeless is Our Responsibility (SHORE)

Treasurer 2000-2014
Finance, Audit and Executive Committee, 2000-2014

The mission of SHORE is to provide affordable housing in Westchester County, New York through development and management services.

100 Year Association – New York City

Board Member, 2014-2018

The mission of the 100 Year Association is to provide a membership organization of executives representing long established (100 years) New York City business and institutions. The Association offers awards and scholarships to public servants and their families.

The Interchurch Center (TIC)

Finance Committee, 2009-2017
Operations Committee Chair, 2014-2017

The mission of the TIC is to establish and maintain an interfaith setting where religious organizations and other non-profits can work under the same roof and develop working relationships. The 700,000 square foot building is in Upper Manhattan.


Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

B.S. Business Management, Cum Laude

Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts

MBA, Finance, Cum Laude

Honors and Awards

Norman Vincent Peale Power of Positive Thinking Leadership Award, 2013

Honors professional and personal achievements associated with positive thinking and leadership.

St. Nicholas Society Medal of Merit, 2017

Medal of Merit was founded in 1835 by Washington Irving to honor activists “collecting and preserving information pertaining to the history, settlement, manners, etc of the City of New York.”

The Interchurch Center Community Service Award, 2017

Honors outstanding community service and not for profit leadership.