Marika Reuling

Managing Director for Urban District Initiatives (UDI), Harvard University Planning and Design

Marika Reuling is the Managing Director for Urban District Initiatives (UDI) at Harvard University Planning and Design, and oversees the team focused on planning and placemaking strategy in the 360 acres Harvard University owns in Allston. UDI is focused on longer-term, transformative-scale mixed-use urban districts; major, performative infrastructure; and significant new public realm projects. The team ideates, experiments, evaluates and recommends and implements new approaches to city-building in order to strengthen the connections between places, experiences and people, and to bring innovative change to the urban areas that are the setting for the University. The work is intentionally experimental, consultative, and participatory and ensures that these new urban districts align with University and community goals for diversity, equity and inclusion, economic development, resiliency and sustainability, and design excellence. Valued as a coalition-builder, Marika has played an active role in more than $10 billion worth of investment and development activities and has contributed to the creation or re-positioning of more than 30 million square feet across her career.