Jana Sečkářová, CRE

Managing Partner, Natland

Jana Sečkářová is a partner in Natland investment group which has various residential development projects on the Czech market and active ownership interests in medium-sized companies on the Czech and Slovak markets. Jana Sečkářová received her international master’s degree in Economics and Management from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. As part of her master’s program, she studied International Marketing & Management at the Sodertorns Hogskola in Stockholm, Sweden, and Business Strategy at the University of Plymouth in England, UK.

Before joining Natland, she was a partner at MK Development, a Czech residential development company, being in charge of finance, marketing, and sales. Also, she was with ABN AMRO in M&A, serving in the role of an advisor to the Czech government in the privatization of the Czech gas industry. Later on, she worked for Slavia Capital in Corporate Finance Advisory.