Eileen Marra

Director of Evaluation & Strategy

A social worker by training, Eileen has always been interested in using data to describe the extent to which a program attracts its intended audience, as well as the effects those interventions have on people and communities. When Eileen first came to Hearth, as an intern in 2010, she initiated a comprehensive assessment through surveys and database analysis to develop the most accurate picture at the time of Hearth’s target population. After three years as a case manager in Hearth’s Outreach Program, Eileen housed the most homeless elders an Outreach case manager has housed in agency history to date, and helped lead the program in its highest performing years by creating several performance tracking, resource sharing, and team building practices. Eileen was promoted to Director of Evaluation & Strategy in 2019 and has been critical in determining how we define, operationalize, measure, grow, and communicate the impact of Hearth’s work.

Eileen holds a Master of Social Work degree from Boston University with a Certificate in Gerontological Social Work as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University in both Psychology and Social Work. Eileen lives with her husband and little terrier in Cambridge, MA. On the side, Eileen has volunteered since 2017 as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors at the Greater Boston Evaluation Network, a local nonprofit providing training, resources and networking to mission-driven program evaluators.