Public and Private Indebtedness – Top 10 in 20 (with K.C. Conway, CRE)

In this episode, Michel Couillard, CRE, discusses public and private debt with K.C. Conway, CRE. Public & Private Indebtedness is listed as the #4 issue in the 2020-21 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate® by The Counselors of Real Estate®. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States was on track for its first $1.0 trillion fiscal year deficit since 2009 and the onset of the Financial Crisis. A lot has changed in a short period of time.

K.C. Conway, CRE, has a history of accurately forecasting real estate trends and changing market conditions across the United States. He is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on commercial real estate matters with specialized expertise in valuation, ports & logistics, housing economics, aging-services housing, bank regulation, and real estate finance. Conway has extensive experience with risk management, valuation, and market intelligence, with progressive roles within the Federal Reserve (Commercial Real Estate Risk Specialty Officer), national brokerage companies, and large bank organizations. Conway is a recognized speaker–with presentations to approximately 750 conferences–and is frequently quoted in the media.

The “Top 10 in 20” series is part of The Counselors of Real Estate’s CRE® Thought Leaders podcast program. In each 20-minute episode, we discuss an issue from the 2020-2021 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®.

Intro Music: Driven To Success by Scott Holmes Music – licensed under CC BY 4.0

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