Infrastructure – Top 10 in 20 (with Michel Couillard, CRE)

In this episode, Deborah Cloutier, CRE, discusses infrastructure and public & private partnerships with Michel Couillard, CRE, 2020 Global Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate®. Infrastructure is the #9 issue in the 2020-21 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®. As the world recognizes its vulnerability to extreme events amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to view infrastructure through a different lens given its crucial function in helping to sustain life and commerce, from the global to local levels.

Michel Couillard, CRE, is president and CEO of BUSAC Real Estate in Montreal. Michel is responsible for property investments, development strategies, and the financing, management, and growth of the BUSAC real estate portfolio in Canada and the Northeast and Southeast United States. He is the second Canadian to serve as Chair of The Counselors since the organization was established in 1953.

The “Top 10 in 20” series is part of The Counselors of Real Estate’s CRE® Thought Leaders podcast program. In each 20-minute episode, we discuss an issue from the 2020-2021 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®.

Intro Music: Driven To Success by Scott Holmes Music – licensed under CC BY 4.0

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