Flow of People – Top 10 in 20 (with Scott Muldavin, CRE)

In this episode, Deborah Cloutier, CRE, interviews Scott Muldavin, CRE, on the current challenges the real estate industry is facing relating to the flow of people. Flow of People was listed as the #6 issue in the 2020-21 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®. Migration between and within countries has always been a critical driver of real estate and the economy. Today, the world’s economies face unprecedented challenges to mobility. Immigration has ground to a halt, initially driven by nationalistic policies in the U.S. and countries throughout the world, and more recently by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Muldavin, CRE, is a leading investor, consultant and nonprofit leader in real estate. He’s the Founder and Executive Director of the Green Building Finance Consortium, leading the movement to integrate sustainability, health, and wellness into real estate investment decisions.

The “Top 10 in 20” series is part of The Counselors of Real Estate’s CRE Thought Leaders podcast program. In each 20-minute episode, we discuss an issue from the 2020-2021 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®.

Intro Music: Driven To Success by Scott Holmes Music – licensed under CC BY 4.0

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