ESG – Top 10 in 20 (with Deborah Cloutier, CRE)

In this episode, Marilee Utter, CRE, discusses ESG with Deborah Cloutier, CRE. ESG was listed as the #10 issue in the 2020-21 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is no longer an emerging trend, but a critical component of real estate investment integrated into investment decision-making. COVID-19 has further cemented this new “norm” as risk management, resiliency, transparency and social engagement—key outputs of ESG—take center stage.

Deborah Cloutier, CRE, is President and Founder of RE Tech Advisors in Falls Church, Virginia, and Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate’s External Affairs Committee that develops the annual Top Ten list.  Deborah and her team produce award-winning environmental, social, and governance programs and market transformation initiatives for leading commercial real estate and government clients with over $1 trillion of assets under management.

The “Top 10 in 20” series is part of The Counselors of Real Estate’s CRE® Thought Leaders podcast program. In each 20-minute episode, we discuss an issue from the 2020-2021 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate.

Intro Music: Driven To Success by Scott Holmes Music – licensed under CC BY 4.0

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