News from CRE Headquarters

  The CRE® 2017-18 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate was announced on June 14, 2017 at the annual conference for the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Since the release, the 2017-18 Top Ten has been covered over 100 times by websites and publications including Forbes, Chicago Tribune, the Columbus Dispatch,, Urban Land Magazine,… Read more

Member News

Awards & Honors William T. Anglyn, CRE, receives the Appraisal Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award. National Association of Real Estate Editors Awards Hugh Kelly, CRE, the 2017 Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Gold Award. Joseph I. Neverauskas, CRE, Honored by the 2017 Jeffrey D. Fisher Real Estate Legacy Award for Real Estate Studies. Stanley Gniazdowski, CRE, honored… Read more

Chapter News

European Chapter Produces Collaboration Booklet In an effort to facilitate international collaboration, the European Chapter has produced an electronic booklet with profiles of participating European CREs and U.S. based CREs who conduct assignments in Europe. You can request the booklet by contacting Paul Coady in the CRE office ( Scott Muldavin Visits Chapters Over Summer… Read more

In Memoriam

Richard D. Simmons, CRE Emeritus Richard D. Simmons, CRE Emeritus, passed away on August 2, 2017. He was 95. Richard was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on May 20, 1922. Following high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as first lieutenant from 1943 to 1946. Richard started selling residential real estate in… Read more

New Members

Membership invitations were extended to 36 real estate advisory professionals after The Counselors of Real Estate midyear meetings in Los Angeles. While we are excited by the number of new members the organization has invited, what we celebrate is the breadth of experience and new skill sets they bring to the Counselor organization.  The CRE network… Read more

The Counselors of Real Estate®, established in 1953, is an international group of high profile professionals including members of prominent real estate, financial, legal and accounting firms as well as leaders of government and academia who provide expert, objective advice on complex real property situations and land-related matters. Membership is selective, extended by invitation only. The organization’s CRE® (Counselor of Real Estate) credential is granted to all members in recognition of superior problem solving ability in various areas of real estate counseling. For more information, contact The Counselors of Real Estate