News from CRE Headquarters

CRE Foundation

The following projects were approved for Foundation funding this year:

May 2017

  • $20,000 to the CRE Consulting Corps to develop a plan to facilitate renovation of existing residential buildings in Myanmar, contingent on the Consulting Corps’ review and acceptance of the project.

September 2017

  • $20,000 to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church to engage the Consulting Corps to develop a Strategic Plan for the transition of property soon to be vacated by St. Michael’s School facilities.
  • Construction of a “Volunteer House” in Yantaló, Peru, to provide lodging for the service providers who travel to this impoverished community providing pro bono support and aid to its newly constructed Medical Clinic (the first such sustainable entity in the country), its developing school system and other social entities.

Relaunch of Real Estate Issues

The new digital version of Real Estate Issues has been launched. In transitioning to an open access, digital publication in which articles are circulated to subscribers immediately upon successful peer review, readers are assured of timely, highly relevant content retrievable when the time is right.

The digital REI is also now available for free subscription by non-members as well, allowing us to expand our readership and grow our worldwide audience. REI will continue to be the premier forum in which real estate thought leaders present innovative ideas, novel strategies, and intriguing commentary on all matters relating to real property.

We look forward to receiving the feedback of our readers (complimentary, supplementary, or contrarian) which can be submitted by emailing

Coming Soon: Members-Only Online Discussion Groups

Members of the Counselors of Real Estate will soon have access to online discussion groups on the CRE website. These groups will provide members an important opportunity to privately and securely discuss issues relevant to the organization, their individual practices, and the broader industry. The new site will also offer separate platforms to facilitate committee, chapter, and task force discussions (including External Affairs discussions and the CRE Top Ten). We look forward to launching this new feature during the first quarter of 2018.