Maura Cochran, CRE Honored for Committee Service with The Counselors of Real Estate

(Chicago)–October 13, 2016–Maura M. Cochran, CRE®, principal, Bartram & Cochran, Inc., Hartford, Conn., has been awarded the 2016 Committee Service Award by The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE) invitation-only professional association. The honor, established in 1996, provides official recognition of exemplary committee service to the CRE organization.

Ms. Cochran, whose company provides real estate advisory services, has been a member of The Counselors since 1990. She has served as a member or leader of CRE’s national committees including budget & finance, ethics, education, chapter activities and communications. She was a member of the editorial board of the CRE professional journal, Real Estate Issues, for 16 years and was its editor-in-chief in 2007-8. She was elected to the organization’s board of directors, and served three terms. On the local level, she has taken a highly active role with CRE’s Connecticut chapter.

For the past two years. Ms. Cochran co-chaired The CRE Consulting Corps steering committee. In this role, she led The Counselors’ public service initiative in which members volunteer their professional services on project teams that provide strategic action plans to solve real estate challenges experienced by non-profit organizations, educational institutions, governments and municipalities. Under her leadership, the Consulting Corps has completed six such assignments on behalf of two religious organizations, two economic development agencies and two municipalities.

Earlier in her life, Ms. Cochran pursued studies in art, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. In his remarks during the award presentation, CRE Chair James S. Lee noted that Ms. Cochran achieved her dream to become an accomplished artist—and her professional practice as a real estate Counselor draws upon the same creative problem-solving skills and insight that has fueled her ongoing commitment to art.

In addition to her volunteerism with The Counselors, Ms. Cochran is currently serving as chair of the board of directors for the Greater Hartford YMCA.

The Counselors of Real Estate®, established in 1953, is an international group of high profile professionals including members of prominent real estate, financial, legal and accounting firms as well as leaders of government and academia who provide expert, objective advice on complex real property situations and land-related matters. Membership is selective, extended by invitation only. The organization’s CRE (Counselor of Real Estate) credential is granted to all members in recognition of superior problem solving ability in various areas of real estate counseling. Only 1,100 people in the world hold the CRE credential. For more information, contact The Counselors of Real Estate, 430 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611; +1 312/329.8427;