Michel Couillard, CRE® Nominated for 2020 Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate®

(Chicago)–July 27, 2017–The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE®), the global invitational professional association for prominent real property advisors, has nominated Michel Couillard, CRE, to serve as chair of the CRE organization in 2020.

Mr. Couillard is president and CEO of BUSAC Real Estate in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he is responsible for overall investments; development strategies and portfolio growth; managing all business activities across Canada; and asset management, acquisition and development projects in the U.S. He will be just the second Canadian to serve in the top elected leadership position since The Counselors organization was established in 1953.

“I’m honored to be nominated to lead an organization whose members are among the finest, most experienced and expert real estate advisors in the world,” Mr. Couillard said. He will begin now to work with the CRE Leadership team: 2017 chair Scott Muldavin, CRE, president, The Muldavin Company, San Rafael, Calif.; first vice chair Joseph Nahas, Jr., CRE, senior vice president, institutional marketing and investor relations, Equus Capital Partners, Philadelphia; and second vice chair Julie (McIntosh) Melander, vice president, senior asset manager, Capital Crossing Servicing Company, Boston.

CRE Nominating Committee chair James S. Lee, CRE, senior principal, Kensington Realty Advisors, Chicago, said, “The committee sought a nominee who best exemplified the key qualifications and qualities of our membership: prominence, expertise, influence, ethics and experience. Michel Couillard is an inspiring leader and will be a distinguished representative of our 1,100 members across the globe. We are delighted he has agreed to accept this significant responsibility.”

Mr. Couillard was invited to become a Counselor of Real Estate in 1997. He has been active in the organization’s international activities, chairing the International committee since 2015. He previously served for several years as vice chair of The Counselors’ Budget and Finance committee and was named a liaison vice chair in 2009. He has served as a trustee of the CRE Foundation and will chair the organization’s fall annual convention in Montreal.

He and his wife, Margaret, reside in Montreal.

The Counselors of Real Estate, established in 1953, is an international group of high profile professionals including members of prominent real estate, financial, legal and accounting firms as well as leaders of government and academia who provide expert, objective advice on complex real property situations and land-related matters. Membership is selective, extended by invitation only. The organization’s CRE (Counselor of Real Estate) credential is granted to all members in recognition of superior problem solving ability in various areas of real estate counseling. Only 1,100 people in the world hold the CRE credential. For more information, contact The Counselors of Real Estate, 430 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611; +1 312/329.8427; https://cre.org.®