Arthur Pasquarella, CRE Receives Prestigious Award from The Counselors of Real Estate

(Chicago)—December 10, 2015—Arthur P. Pasquarella, CRE, executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer, Equus Capital Partners, Ltd., Philadelphia, Pa., has received the 2015 James D. Landauer/John R. White Award from The Counselors of Real Estate® professional association. The honor was bestowed at The Counselors’ recent Annual Convention in Charlotte, N.C., in recognition of Pasquarella’s distinguished record of leadership in the real estate industry, and his impressive record of supporting civic causes.

Pasquarella, who oversees all of the real estate investment and property activities at Equus, was invited to membership in The Counselors of Real Estate in 1991–where he has served in leadership positions on numerous national committees, including finance, education, membership, strategic planning and the board of directors. He is a trustee of the CRE Foundation and served as The Counselors’ chair of the board in 2010.

In presenting the award, 2015 CRE chair of the board Noah Shlaes, CRE, called Pasquarella, “a brilliant and creative thinker who identifies the goal and doesn’t rest until it’s met.”

Pasquarella holds a Master of Science. in Real Estate and Investment Analysis from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); is a former chair of the board of Mount Saint Joseph Academy and is the 2015 chair of the board of the National Kidney Foundation.

The Landauer/White Award is presented annually to an individual who has furthered the ideals of The Counselors of Real Estate®—integrity, competence, community, trust and selflessness, and is not given based on involvement in The Counselor organization. Rather, it is awarded to an individual who is viewed by their peers as a recognized leader of real estate who has contributed significantly to his/her community and/or the world around them.

The award was established in 1986 as a memorial to honor CRE James Landauer for his instrumental role in establishing The Counselors of Real Estate. In 1997, the award was renamed the James D. Landauer/John R. White Award, to honor another high profile professional, John Robert White, who served as a long-term chairman of the Landauer Company as well as President of The Counselors of Real Estate in 1969.

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