K.C. Conway, CRE, featured in Bisnow, Real Estate Business Online, radio shows, journals, and elected to board of public REIT

K.C. Conway, CRE, director of research & corporate engagement, Culverhouse College of Commerce, Alabama Center for Real Estate, is frequently contacted by journalists for comments on emerging real estate issues. He was quoted in Bisnow on topics such as:

He also commented on the Federal Reserve rate hike in Real Estate Business Online.

K.C. Conway, CRE, was interviewed in January for a 2019 economic and real estate outlook on both the Michael Bull and Jim Fried radio shows.

K.C. Conway, CRE has published two papers in February 2019. The first appears in the RMA Journal titled: “Just When Things Were Going so Well.” It publishes in the February edition of RMA Journal, a national periodical of interest to bankers and risk managers.

The second paper, in collaboration with the Alabama Center for Real Estate, is titled “Logisitics Infrastructure: Transformative Opportunities.” This 50+ page paper is a comprehensive examination into how the conversion from a “shop and pick-up” economy to a “order online and deliver to me” economy is transforming the where and why of real estate development.

Mr. Conway has also been elected to the board of directors of the Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation, a public REIT.