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Proposed: Water (Top Ten 2018-19)

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    Alyssa Bray

    Water was frequently cited by our members as an issue for the 2018-19 Top Ten. Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far.

    • We need water for personal nourishment and for our agricultural nourishment as well as others. Our seas are rising and many areas are being inundated with water (Louisiana and South Florida to start), yet many areas of the country and earth are starving for water. Cape Town South Africa is about to run out of drinking water.
    • Memphis Tennessee – seeing the water source being potentially poisoned by the Tennessee Valley Association by pumping water from the historic sand aquifers in order to bring in a new natural gas pipeline.
    • Other areas are seeing their drinking water supplies being diluted with “gray” water which can pose an enormous health risk to many.
    • Manufacturing plants have to be located in areas where there is not only abundant water, but also the adequate resources to dispose of the contaminated water. This alone will impact where companies choose to locate future plants or expansion of existing facilities.
    • Water for recreational needs – whether fishing, skiing (both water and snow), kayaking, surfing and just plain old swimming. We couldn’t do any of these without water.
    • Water supply, treatment, costs

    Have anything to add? Share your comments below, and feel free to share articles and data illustrating this issue.

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