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Proposed: Politics (Top Ten 2018-19)

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    Alyssa Bray

    Various political issues were frequently cited by our members as an issue for the 2018-19 Top Ten. Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far.

    • Money in politics
    • Gun Violence
    • International relations and trade
    • Turbulence and unpredictability in the White House
    • Populism and protectionism — Proposed Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum, and other goods that may be imposed down the road; Potential implementation of a fairer global fair trade regime, or a breakdown in global fair trade and the re-emergence of trade wars; Proposed and recent changes in immigration policy
    • Potential Political backlash in the U.S. – Midyear elections where control of Congress is up for grabs, which could lead to:  – Efforts to impeach the President and indict members of his administration  – Roll back of the recent tax reform bill – Reinstatement of rescinded provisions of the Obamacare Health Care Insurance plans and programs  – Relaxing of recently tightened immigration rules – Reinstatement of recently relaxed rules and regulations
    • Paralysis in Washington legislative and fiscal agenda
    • National political uncertainty and discord.

    Have anything to add? Share your comments below, and feel free to share articles and data illustrating this issue. 

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