The Examined Life

The eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Making a Living, Making a Life’ (Kirkus Best Indie Books of 2015), ‘The Examined Life’ is the second collection by noted essayist, philanthropist and business leader Daniel Rose. It includes essays, speeches, editorials written for The Harlem Times, and personal vignettes from 90 years of a rich professional, philanthropic and family life. Touching on subjects as varied as international philanthropy, public education, race relations, criminal justice, religion and gentrification, this collection provides fresh insights and perspectives on a wide range of subjects at the heart of current public discourse. As Fareed Zakaria wrote of ‘Making a Living, Making a Life’, “Dan Rose has created a body of work that is philosophy at its most useful, for it asks the great question first posed by the Greeks and then polished to a high finish in the Renaissance: how does one live a good life?”