Real Estate Valuation in Global Markets – 2nd Edition

An invaluable resource for anyone providing international real estate valuations, this revised edition , edited by Howard Gelbtuch, CRE, provides a wealth of information about appraisal practice in 47 countries. Included is comprehensive, on-the-ground information from local experts, including CRE members Noelle Brisson (France); Nicholas Captain (Guam); Guniz Celen (Turkey); Raymond Lo (Hong Kong); Demetrios Louziotis (Japan); and Michael Tung-Mao Tseng (Taiwan). This one-of-a-kind text serves as your passport to understanding real estate valuation around the world! Note: Regional chapter bundles are also available to order for Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East, Asia and Oceana, The Americas. Editor: Howard Gelbtuch, CRE