Time-Based Competition & Industrial Location in the Fast Century

  • December 21, 1998
  • • Written by: John D. Kasarda

Winter 1998/1999, Vol 23, No 4
Abstract: By creating or improving accessibility, advances in transportation technology and infrastructure have catalyzed and shaped five waves of commercial real estate development. The first four occurred, respectively, near 1). seaports, 2). rivers and canals, 3). railroads, and 4). freeways, expressways, and interstate highways. A “fifth wave” of development around airports is being spawned by high speed jet airplanes, new global supply-chain management practices and growing time-based competition. These interacting factors are heightening demand for and the value of commercial real estate that is in proximity to gateway airports. Real estate professionals who recognize this can select strategic sites near such airports and position investments to ride the fifth wave to profitability.