Separation By Avoidance During Counter-Urbanization

  • July 21, 1978
  • • Written by: Brian J. L. Berry

Summer 1978, Vol 3, No 1

Abstract: Major redistribution of the U.S. population has taken place since 1970: frostbelt to sunbelt, large city to small, and urban to rural, revising the trends of the previous seven decades of the twentieth century. Yet despite a reversal of black migration, in other respects the nation’s black population is not on trend, the author claims; there is continuing concentration in big frostbelt central cities where total decline is greatest. The majority reversals are in keeping with deep-seated Anglo-Saxon culture traits, as is the continued segregation of blacks, but the dynamic has changed in the last quarter century. Deliberate discrimination has been replaced by accelerated avoidance as status-conscious white Americans attempt to realize their pastoral ideals.