Recognizing the Future: Real Estate & the Networked Economy

Fall 2000, Vol 25, No 3

Abstract: As far back as 1969, futurists and corporate consultants have observed “knowledge workers” as the precept of the “Information Age.” Now, with the number of Internet connections and Web-based alliances growing exponentially, society and the economy are experiencing the initial stages of the “network effect,” where the value of the network is an exponential function of the number or combination of users. As if this weren’t significant enough, real estate or shall we say “spatial economics” is experiencing its period of critical transformation and is being redefined by technology, securitization, consolidation and convergence, globalization, and the longevity revolution. In this manuscript, the author provides an “enviro-scan” of the impact associated with these dynamic forces and identifies a marketplace where consultants will become “infomediaries,” finding data among Internet clutter and converting it to useful information as part of a solution building process.