Real Estate Conveyances from Livery of Seisin to Electronic Transfer: Real Estate Transactions Enter the Digital/Electronic World

  • June 17, 2008
  • • Written by: John A. Gose, CRE 

Summer 2008 Vol 33, No. 2

Abstract: A radical change in the form of conveyancing is upon us. Conveyancing, the method of transfer of title to real estate, is entering a new era, the electronic–digital Internet era. Prior to the 1500s, most voluntary conveyancing was by manual transfer, or Livery of Seisin. For the last four or five hundred years voluntary conveyancing was accomplished by written documents called deeds.

Today, the electronic, digital era coupled with the Internet is changing this written world. Negotiations and documents may be and are done electronically. The next step, electronic recording, is here. Real estate professionals should be aware of this rapidly changing world and be prepared to deal with it.