Protecting Buildings from Bio-Terrorism

  • January 24, 2002
  • • Written by: Alan Barnes, Jr.

Winter 2001/2002, Vol 26, No 4

Abstract: As learned in the wake of the anthrax attacks in fall 2001, the release of a biological agent might not have an immediate and visible impact because of an incubation period—the delay between exposure and the onset of illness. However, as a result, scores of building managers have begun to see the vulnerabilities of their own buildings, and have taken action. While every building is unique and offers specific challenges for the building owner in regards to protecting occupants from biological weapons, this article presents a practical set of recommendations (based on research and information received from the FBI, Centers for Disease Control, United States Postal Service, Building Owners and Managers Association, and the author’s expertise), that building owners can consider and adapt, as appropriate.