Property Markets, Monopolies & Microsoft

  • October 24, 2000
  • • Written by: Stephen E. Roulac

Fall 2000, Vol 25, No 3

Abstract: By virtue of physics and uniqueness, real estate inherently involves elements of monopoly in the property markets. The Microsoft antitrust litigation has both strategic implications for and direct applications to real estate. Monopoly, simply stated, involves dominance of a market, which dominance can take many forms, for market share is by no means the only criterion. Other criteria of monopoly include business processes, technologies, intellectual property, relationships, talents of specific individuals, brands, customer relationships, and more. Fighting the battle for property control without adequately considering the lessons from Microsoft’s travails, as well as the implications of answers to crucial questions concerning global property involvements, can lead to very disappointing outcomes. A strategy that wins a particular battle may contribute to losing the larger war.