Is There a Future for Socially Responsible Property Investments?

  • October 20, 2005
  • • Written by: Gary Pivo, MRP, Ph.D. 

Fall 2005, Vol 30, No 1

Abstract: The market for socially responsible property investments (SRPI) is potentially quite large and many institutional investors as well as individuals are expressing an interest in these types of opportunities. SRPI products could take several forms, such as REITs or private funds. They could be ne products or existing ones that are certified by some yet to be established rating system. A rating system for certifying SRPI products would be needed and could be developed based on models that currently exist in the SRI and green building communities. While there is no systematic research proving the economic feasibility of SRPI products, there is a body of evidence that suggests such products could be competitive with more conventional products. Recommendations are offered for furthering the development of this niche in the real estate industry.