The Economic Impact Study for a Big Box Retailer

  • December 21, 2005
  • • Written by: Joseph S. Rabianski, Ph.D., CRE 

Winter 2005 – 2006, Vol 30, No 2

Abstract: The economic impact study is one of many specialized studies performed by some CREs. It is therefore a matter of interest to the CRE organization. Economic impact studies have been performed for a wide array of economic activity such as tourist attractions, sporting events and conventions and the results have appeared in newspaper articles. Economic impact studies have been performed for manufacturing plants to show the effect on direct employment in the plant and the increased level of total employment in the community. These economic impact studies also examine the effect on retail sales in the community. In a similar vein, economic impact studies can be performed for other real property activities ranging from regional malls to rock quarry operations and landfills on a desirability scale.