The Conundrum of Condominium, or a Critical Look at the Best-Selling Real Estate Expose

  • June 21, 1978
  • • Written by:  Stephen E. Roulac 

Summer 1978, Vol 3, No 1

Abstract: Condominium, a best-selling novel by John D. MacDonald, originator of the Travis McGee mystery stories, provides a provocative and not particularly pleasant look at the real estate development scene. While real estate today is a primary focal point of social pressure and thereby can provide an outstanding context for viewing the change forces occuring in society generally, few arenas of economic activity seem to be as ill-equipped to be the locus of such considerations. These issues are sharply raised in MacDonald’s book, and this article explores the often extraordinary chasm between the professionalism that many in the business preach and the standards too often encountered in practice.